Directives and decrees

On the de bureaucratization of the state apparatus and improving the quality of life of the population

The most important tasks of the Belarusian state are to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, create conditions for free and dignified personal development, and improve the quality of life of people. The successful solution of these problems largely depends on how effectively the system of work with the population operates.

The state is constantly taking measures aimed at improving the mechanisms of work with citizens to consider applications and implement administrative procedures. A lot has been done in this direction.

At the same time, there are complaints from the population about the lack of efficiency of the organizations of housing and communal services, trade and transport, the quality of medical and other services, Shortcomings in the construction sector, formalism in the work of the state apparatus with people has not been completely eradicated. When considering such appeals, there are situations when only the particular consequences of existing problems are eliminated on the ground, but no systematic work is carried out to prevent the causes of their occurrence.

State bodies at all levels of government should pay maximum attention to improving the effectiveness of work with citizens, as well as measures to ensure the normal life of the population. De-bureaucratization should be universal, total, penetrate into all aspects of society without exception, affect the activities of all structures interacting with citizens.

It is necessary to move to a new, higher level of interaction between the state and the people, based on the current level of development of information technologies and making the most of the available opportunities in the field of Informatization.

It is necessary to create such conditions under which citizens and representatives of legal entities will spend a minimum of time and effort when applying to state bodies and organizations providing services that ensure the livelihoods of the population, as well as actively participate in the development of important management decisions.

In order to improve the efficiency of work with citizens, the quality of life of the population, the openness of state bodies, as well as the further de-bureaucratization of the activities of state bodies and other organizations: consider the state of work with the population as one of the main criteria for assessing the activities of state bodies and organizations (hereinafter, unless otherwise specified, – state bodies). In this respect:

1.1. heads of state bodies:

to extend the practice of” direct phone lines”, regular conduct of officials of state organs visiting personal reception of citizens and representatives of legal entities, public press conferences on population issues, including with participation of deputies of all levels, representatives of mass media and public associations. Thus the questions raised by citizens which are not demanding special additional check and relating to competence of the corresponding official, have to be solved immediately;

to put into practice preliminary record on personal reception in state bodies by phone or by means of electronic means of communication. In case of change of the agreed order of personal reception the corresponding state body shall notify the citizen about it;

to provide the mode of work of structural divisions, officials of the state bodies which are carrying out reception of citizens, including with statements on implementation of administrative procedures, in time convenient for the population. Reception of citizens on working days should begin no later than 8.00 or end no earlier than 20.00, as well as be carried out on Saturdays and (or) Sundays, if necessary, taking into account the number and specifics of applications. Heads bear personal responsibility for ensuring the specified mode of work in the headed state bodies, and also in the subordinated organizations;

to take measures to prevent the emergence of queues, as well as long-term waiting for citizens to receive in government agencies, organizations providing services, ensuring the livelihoods of the population, including by ensuring timely staffing, the introduction of information technologies for remote servicing of citizens, the system of electronic queue management. In case of systematic occurrence of the specified negative situations to take urgent measures for elimination of these phenomena and give rise to their reasons;

to exclude cases of unreasonable summons of citizens to courts, bodies of Prosecutor’s office, internal Affairs, state security, Committee of state control, tax, customs and other state bodies, their stay in the specified bodies over the time established by legislative acts, and also over the time necessary for production of procedural actions;

when making decisions affecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, strictly comply with the requirements of the legislation, not to allow their arbitrary interpretation in the application. In case of incomprehensibility or inaccuracy of regulations of the legal act decisions should be made proceeding from the maximum account of interests of citizens;

pay special attention to ensuring attentive, responsible, friendly attitude of employees to citizens. In each case of formalism, biased, tactless behavior, rudeness and disrespect to people to check and to confirm the relevant facts to bring the perpetrators to justice until the release from office;

1.2. to heads of Republican bodies of state administration and local Executive and administrative bodies and (or) their deputies according to the schedule to carry out:

personal reception every Wednesday from 8.00 to 13.00;

“direct telephone lines” with the population every Saturday from 9.00
until 12.00;

exit personal receptions at least once a quarter.

If necessary, due to including a significant number of appeals of citizens, the activities specified in paragraphs two and three of the first part of this subparagraph may be carried out for a longer time;

1.3. recommend to deputies of all levels, members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:

when considering appeals containing information on violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, use the available powers to eliminate the violations, keep the issues under control until they are fully resolved;

to intensify work on solving urgent problems of life support of the population on the ground;

to stimulate people’s interest in the development of their regions, to promote the formation of a feedback channel with the population, including through public discussions of issues of interest to citizens;

1.4.state media in trendanalyzer to notify the authorities about the published in the relevant periodicals or made in the programs of TV and radio materials about the failure of the employees of such bodies of requirements Zakonodatelstva work with the population.

The heads of state bodies are obliged to consider such materials and take measures to eliminate the violations and the causes that give rise to them, as well as to bring the perpetrators to justice;

1.5. Information ministry:

organize constant media coverage of the measures taken to de-bureaucratize the state apparatus, improve work with the population;

on a regular basis, it carries out information and propaganda work aimed at explaining to the population the constitutional requirements for the mutual responsibility of the state to citizens and citizens to the state.

2.take measures to further improve the implementation of administrative procedures. At the same time:

2.1.prohibit state bodies from demanding from interested persons who applied for the implementation of administrative procedures, documents and information not provided for by the legislation on administrative procedures, as well as unlawful refusal to accept applications for the implementation of administrative procedures, including in connection with the temporary absence of the relevant employee.

At identification of the facts of violation of the prohibitions provided in part one of this subparagraph, to consider such facts as gross violation of official duties;

2.2. to heads of state bodies to provide:

proper organization of places of reception of citizens in the state bodies carrying out administrative procedures, including provision of sufficient number of seats for visitors and Parking places for transport, drinking water, other amenities, the formation of a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities and persons with limited mobility for their unhindered access to places of reception of citizens;

reduction of the maximum waiting time in the queue when applying for administrative procedures;

2.3. Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus together with regional Executive committees and Minsk city Executive Committee:

systematically works to simplify administrative procedures, including by reducing the number of documents required for their Commission;

take measures to ensure the fullest possible awareness of citizens about the use of the” one window ” principle in the implementation of administrative procedures, including through the media and the global computer network Internet;

within three months to work out the issue of ensuring the maximum consolidation of administrative procedures within one service and submit to the Head of state a draft decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus, defining the legal status and organization of the services ” one window“;

within two months: